Saturday, January 5, 2008

A restless yearning that isn't going away

Many of us broken-down middle-aged has-beens carry with us every day, in living memory, the lasting impression of a joyful time when God came down on our generation with astonishing grace and power. It was called The Jesus Movement, and it flowed over us from around 1969 to 1972. There were excesses and eccentricities, now embarrassing (". . . naturally stoned on Jesus . . ."). But at the heart of it all, The Jesus Movement really was that -- Jesus moving, and not just in the churches but over an entire generation. We can never again be contented with anything less than revival. We have seen what only God can do. We experienced a cleansing that only God can give. We were lifted into a joy that nothing in this world can impart. We will pray and yearn and agitate until our dying days, that God will pour out his Spirit on this wonderful generation of younger people rising up now, so that they will be able to bear witness in their middle years to their own living memory of revival power from on high, and on to their children, and on. This video is a montage of images from that time, with brief narrative. It features Arthur Blessitt, but there were many leaders, and yet there was only one leader that counted, Jesus himself.