Thursday, January 10, 2008

What my dad wrote in my new Bible

On my seventeenth birthday, my dad and mom gave me a new Bible. It lies before me now, with this inscription by my dad: "Your mother and I have found this Book our dearest treasure. We give it to you and doing so can give nothing greater. Be a student of the Bible and your life will be full of blessing. We love you. Phil. 1:6. Dad"

As I read what my dad wrote that September day in 1966, it was as if those words, and the classical Christian piety they articulate, passed into my heart, never to leave. So much has changed since then. I am no longer seventeen, no longer a high school senior, no longer playing football and going out on Friday night dates and listening to rock and roll on KRLA, but what my dad wrote has not changed -- the truth of it, the value of it, the impact of it. It has only gone deeper. I will forever thank God for the Bible, including this Bible. And thank you, dad.