Wednesday, January 16, 2008

With us with the whole of himself

"When you pour yourself out over us, you do not lie there spilt but raise us up; you are not scattered, but gather us together. Yet all those things which you fill, you fill with the whole of yourself. Should we suppose, then, that because all things are incapable of containing the whole of you, they hold only a part of you, and all of them the same part? Or does each thing hold a different part, greater things larger parts, and lesser things smaller parts? Does it even make sense to speak of larger or smaller parts of you? Are you not everywhere in your whole being, while there is nothing whatever that can hold you entirely?"

Maria Boulding, translator, The Works of Saint Augustine: The Confessions, pages 40-41.

God is not divided up into chunks here and there, not even into conceptual chunks called attributes. He is everywhere with his whole being. Today, wherever we find ourselves, God will be with us wholeheartedly, with the whole of himself, without being limited by his giving of himself to us in all our particularities moment by moment.