Monday, February 4, 2008

Letters from my dad - 1968

"Dear Bud,

You are about to go on the football field. I am cramming for my sermon tomorrow. I'd rather be there right now, but I'm praying the Lord will protect you from injury and keep you faithful in attitude as you play. Be rough and tough but like Christ in spirit. Be enthusiastic. That's what you are.

So we'll wait for a call -- of victory on this homecoming.

Blair got beat by PHS last night, 10-7. Bad breaks all the way. They are the much better team. Need to be tough five minutes longer. That's what USC is. They wear down the opposition and beat them in the last five minutes. That's a good principle for us, isn't it? Hang in there, never say die, and soon the opposition begins to fumble and throw wild and they've had it. Well, enough. Just want to say I'm with you!