Saturday, February 2, 2008

Letters from my dad - 1969

"Hi Skip,

Hear me now. Don't bog down with that fatigue. Dig in. That's life. You can refuel by God's grace. Fatigue causes half-heartedness, squelches desire and results in a dullness that helps no one. So down with fatigue!

How? Rejoice! You get tired quickest cuz you hurt inside, so rejoice inside.

Rest. Relax in the love of God and take heart that Romans 8:28 is gold, pure gold.

That's my sermon, cap.

Boy, we love you. You are the greatest. I'll be in Wheaton Nov. 13. I'd love to attend a football practice.

HIT 'EM!! You be tougher than the other guy, and tougher five minutes longer!

Gotta fly. God bless you with stacks of joy.