Saturday, February 2, 2008

Letters from my dad - 1984

"Dear Jan and Bud,

Your letter came about the extra year. A shocker! Probably more of a shocker to you than to us. We are very concerned about how you are taking this, both of you. I'm so sorry. I have a deep feeling of disappointment in my tummy. You are so very far away for so long.

Well, I've tried to get perspective and come back again to God, the great Arranger of our lives. He in love and wisdom has acted again without consulting me! One day we will look back and say he was right again. But right now it is very disappointing.

Bud, I remember watching the Ph.D. guys at Princeton go through agony. I thought the price of a Ph.D. was very, very high. And yet, that's what makes it special. So you are paying your dues.

We go to India in February. Could we go through London and up to you then? Let's think and pray.

Loving you from here,