Sunday, February 3, 2008

Letters from my dad - 1984

"Hi you two,

Happy anniversary! Have some fun and celebrate.

About your future -- I have this deal with God, that for a large decision, I want an unmistakable leading any way he chooses. But I want to KNOW that it's right and his own will. So I ask him to make it clear in some way. Shoot, that's not a problem to him. It's not playing games with God either. Signs are all through the Scripture. People who put them all down mystify me. Now, we can get ridiculous with this guidance thing, but, my stars, he loves us and knows how confusing things get for us. So I am asking him to make his way for you very clear any way he wants to do it. Then you will know. When I was perplexed about going to Christiana, he made it very clear with a most remarkable series of events. When we went to Scotia, the same thing, and to Lake Avenue.

Be open to do whatever God wants, and you will know when you need to know.

God has given you a vision to go after a God-sized task, and he will see you through. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord!

Dad -- Amen!!"