Monday, February 4, 2008

Letters from my dad - undated

"Hi Jan and Bud,

I am flying home from Kansas where Anne and I were seeing the Vetters and ministering. Anne is still there. So it's home for me, to have a wedding tomorrow. It's been a fine trip. God gave us a great time at the 4C's annual meeting at Estes Park. That was a super time. Great people, no politics, but sweet fellowship. I like that group.

I am thrilled at the way the Lord has given me preaching. God takes care of us. It's affirmation when I was suspecting I was through for anything significant. You know how I've felt. God keeps us from trusting in man, a system, a group, a school of thought. They are all inadequate and need to be appreciated but held very loosely.

How I love you guys. You are so supportive. I could weep with gratitude to God.


P.S. I am weeping -- for you and in gratitude and loneliness too I guess."

Dad understood the deeply personal impact of the gospel: "Be . . . tenderhearted." Ephesians 4:32