Monday, February 4, 2008

Letters from my dad - undated


The chapter 'The Migration of Ideas' is a classic. I've read it over and over.

History is about all of life, or should be. Segmenting life leaves us with tunnel vision. That's why a liberal arts education is so important. That's why in theological education we need the whole shot - breadth and width and depth.

I examined a guy for ordination the other day. He was shortchanged and I had to tell them and him he was not prepared for ministry to a congregation. A nice guy, but that won't make it. The following week I examined another who really had a fine grasp of theology, church history, practical theology, etc. He's young and stumbling a bit but will do well. He's prepared.

I loved that sentence, 'The emptier people's minds are, the more easily they are thrown into chaos.' And 'It's hard to kill a good idea. Good ideas outlive the individual.' There is a moral foundation to the world.

Thanks for the paper, Cap.