Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentine's Day

"Horowitz has analyzed this phenomenon [the 'gender war'] in a short essay, 'V-Day, 2001' . . ., that discusses demonstrations sponsored by Jane Fonda in 2001. It was an effort by feminists across the country to transform Valentine's Day, a millennia-old celebration of romance and friendship, into 'Violence Against Women Day,' a mass indictment of men. Horowitz shows that, like all radical faiths, the V-Day religion is rooted in resentment and hate. 'Those who are saved are saved only because others are damned.' Adding race, gender and sexual orientation to 'the struggle,' kitsch marxism is able to identify even more social 'enemies' and to ascribe more inequalities to the society under attack."

Jamie Glazov, in the Introduction to David Horowitz, Left Illusions: An Intellectual Odyssey, page xxxi.

All false gospels shame, oppress, destroy and damn. Only the lovely gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ creates -- among other very human wonders -- true romance. Men are saved as men. Women are saved as women. They find themselves anew. They fall in love with one another. They marry in blazing passion and total commitment. They live it out day by day, imperfectly but wonderfully. They glorify the Lover of their souls.

Hooray for romance, a sacred gift of Christ!