Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We had found the meaning of fellowship

"Over ten years ago, when a friend challenged me to put into practice the Christian faith I professed, the first step that came clearly to my mind was to unburden myself completely to my wife of many thoughts, memories, fears and failures, which I had never mentioned to her. Such a step seemed impossible to me. I felt I would lose her confidence. We had been very close, and loved each other deeply. We used to discuss everything, . . . . But it is one thing to speak on the level of ideas, and it is an altogether different thing to speak of one's own soul. When I took this step, my wife answered me, 'Now I can be of some help to you!' And she opened up to me in return. We had found the meaning of fellowship."

Paul Tournier, Escape From Loneliness, page 46.