Saturday, March 29, 2008

Marginal jottings

In my dad's copy of Lloyd-Jones' Spiritual Depression, pages 56-57, which I now have in my library, dad jotted down some comments in the margin, as he often did in his books. First, Lloyd-Jones asserts,

"Man is a wonderful creature, he is mind, he is heart, and he is will. Those are the three main constituents of man. God has given him a mind, he has given him a heart, he has given him a will whereby he can act. Now one of the greatest glories of the gospel is this, that it takes up the whole man. Indeed, I go so far as to assert that there is nothing else that does that; it is only this complete gospel, this complete view of life and death and eternity, that is big enough to include the whole man."

Then my dad wrote in the margin: "This is often the problem with ministers. They fear anything that has heart in it. So cold, brittle. Unexpandable approach. Very inhibited in presentation. So careful to be respectable and approved."

The gospel engages all that we are. By God's grace, let's show it tomorrow at church.