Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A promise-keeping God

"From the depths of hell I call the fiends, and from the earth I call the tried and afflicted believers, and to heaven I appeal, and challenge the long experience of the blood-washed host, and there is not to be found in the three realms a single person who can bear witness to one fact which can disprove the faithfulness of God or weaken his claim to be trusted by his servants. There are many things that may or may not happen, but this I know shall happen --

He shall present my soul unblemished and complete
Before the glory of his face with joys divinely great.

All the purposes of man have been defeated, but not the purposes of God. He is a promise-keeping God, and every one of his people shall prove it to be so."

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, quoted in Charles Erlandson, editor, Charles H. Spurgeon: The Best from all his Works, page 266.