Thursday, April 3, 2008

Prayer is boring

"The work of the Spirit can be compared to mining. The Spirit's work is to blast to pieces the sinner's hardness of heart and his frivolous opposition to God. The period of the awakening can be likened to the time when the blasts are fired. The time between the awakenings corresponds, on the other hand, to the time when the deep holes are being bored with great effort into the hard rock.

To bore these holes is hard and difficult and a task which tries one's patience. To light the fuse and fire the shot is not only easy but also very interesting work. One sees 'results' from such work. It creates interest too; shots resound, and pieces fly in every direction!

It takes trained workmen to do the boring. Anybody can light a fuse.

This fact sheds a great deal of light upon the history of revivals, a history which is often strange and incomprehensible. . . . The Spirit calls us to do the quiet, difficult, trying work of boring holy explosive material into the souls of the unconverted by daily and unceasing prayer. This is the real preparatory work for the next awakening."

Otto Hallesby, Prayer, pages 76-77.