Thursday, May 15, 2008

Letting our full weight down

"Whom did he consult?" Isaiah 40:14

"Both before and after his elevation as king, and even in the act of creation itself, Marduk [the high-god of Babylon] did not act alone, but only on the advice of Ea [Marduk's father]." R. N. Whybray, The Heavenly Counsellor in Isaiah xl 13-14, page 75.

The pagan gods worked by committee. The biblical Lord of heaven and earth acts alone, out of his own exuberant all-sufficiency.

Compulsive polytheists that we are, it is unsettling when we fall into the arms of God as our only hope. But inevitably, God takes us there. We find ourselves in places where God is all we have, and there we discover that "he gives power to the faint" (Isaiah 40:29).

A child took his first plane ride. Afterwards his parents asked him what he thought of it. He said, "It was okay. But I didn't let my full weight down." The personal corollary to the all-sufficiency of God is letting our full weight down on him alone. If the Creator of the universe isn't enough for our need, who or what is?