Thursday, May 22, 2008

Revival testimony

"A very frequent dwelling for some considerable time together in views of the glory of the divine perfections and Christ's excellencies, so that the soul has been as it were perfectly overwhelmed and swallowed up with light and love, a sweet solace and a rest and joy of soul altogether unspeakable. The person has more than once continued for five or six hours together, without interruption, in a clear and lively view or sense of the infinite beauty and amiableness of Christ's person and the heavenly sweetness of his transcendent love. So that (to use the person's own expressions) the soul remained in a kind of heavenly elysium and did, as it were, swim in the rays of Christ's love like a little mote swimming in the beams of the sun that come in at a window. The heart was swallowed up in a kind of glow of Christ's love coming down as a constant stream of sweet light, at the same time the soul all flowing out in love to him, so that there seemed to be a constant flowing and reflowing from heart to heart. The soul dwelt on high, was lost in God, and seemed almost to leave the body. The mind dwelt in a pure delight that fed and satisfied it, enjoying pleasure without the least sting or any interruption. . . . What was enjoyed in a single minute of the whole space, which was many hours, was worth more than all the outward comfort and pleasure of the whole life put together -- and this, without being in any trance or at all deprived of the exercise of the bodily senses."

Jonathan Edwards, recording the revival experience of his wife Sarah, in Works, I:376.