Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The most important thing my dad taught me

Coming up to Father's Day this Sunday, I am thinking of my dad. I think about him a lot. The most important thing he taught me was this. There is only one way to live: all-out, go-for-broke, risk-taking, pedal-to-the-metal, ferociously joyful and grateful enthusiasm for the Lord Jesus Christ. Halfway Christianity is the most miserable existence of all. Halfway Christians know enough to feel guilty about themselves but haven’t gone far enough to get happy in Christ. Wholehearted Christianity is very happy.

How could my dad get there and stay there? He really, really knew that God loved him and had completely forgiven all his sins at the cross of Jesus. I saw dad in repentance. But he did not wring his hands and wonder what God thought of him. He believed the good news, his spirit soared and he could never do too much for his Savior.

I am thankful for what my dad taught me. It's the most valuable thing anyone has ever given me. And I want everyone to have this treasure.