Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I need to change some things

The January 2008 issue of Readers Digest published "Don't Be Overwhelmed by Technology" by Ron Geraci. A simple article, but apparently with some research behind it. Here are some take-aways for me:

• The growing avalanche emails, cell phone calls and text messages, in addition to the more traditional forms of communication still coming at us, can be overwhelming.

• Constant connectivity destroys boundaries and can reduce our daily lives to "a series of constant microinterruptions and stop-starts."

• Some of what's coming at us is noninformation, unworthy of our time and attention.

• Electronic relationships are more vulnerable to misunderstanding. Each email can require multiple judgment calls on the receiver's end: "How quickly must I reply? Why did she CC me? Is he angry, or am I misreading his tone?"

More could be said. But I need to make some adjustments in my own life. My oxygen is daily communion with Christ through the Bible and prayer. I need to protect my capacity for concentration there. From now on, I will blog on Friday afternoons only. Thanks for checking in at all.

Blogging is good. But my soul at rest in Christ is better.