Friday, June 20, 2008

A startling challenge to us parents as we drive our kids around town

"Speak to your children disgracefully of the gallantry and pomp and riches of the world and of the sin of selfishness and covetousness, and diligently watch against it and all that may tempt your children to it. When they see great houses and attendants and gallantry, tell them that these are the devil’s baits to entice poor sinners to love this world, that they may lose their souls and the world to come. Tell them how much heaven excels all this, and that the lovers of the world may never go there but the humble and meek and poor in spirit. Do not do as the wicked, that entice their children to worldliness and covetousness by giving them money. But tell your children how much happier a poor believer is."

Richard Baxter, A Christian Directory, page 452.