Friday, August 8, 2008

Edwards on John 3:14-18

In these verses Christ teaches Nicodemus those things that were very contrary to the notions of the Pharisees and rulers of the Jews at that day, one of which Nicodemus was. They expected to see the Messiah raised on a magnificent earthly throne, but instead of that Christ intimates that he must be lifted up on the cross. They thought that he would come to save their nation, and that being of their nation and conforming to the law of Moses would surely entitle men to the Messiah's benefits. But he teaches that he came not only to save the Jews but all that believe on him through the world, and that God sent him not only from love to their nation but love to the world, that he did not come to destroy the world as they imagined the Messiah would but to save and bless it, and that they that did not believe on him -- let them be who they would, of their nation or other nations -- should certainly be condemned and destroyed.

Jonathan Edwards, The 'Blank Bible,' part 2, page 929.