Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yet again

Yet again, and so sadly. With much to live for, a gifted man spirals down into self-destruction. Only Christ can save us from ourselves.


1. If we prove "disloyal to our core beliefs," we are only discovering what our core beliefs really are. We always act by what we believe to be real, true and rewarding.

2. The concept of "a powerful public man with private flaws" is false. There is no true power, nothing worthy of public trust, without personal character tested and proven moment by moment in the hidden scenes of life.

3. If a candidate runs from National Inquirer reporters and hides in a hotel bathroom, how could he as President face up to the Islamic terrorists?

4. "He was very real and authentic." An "authentic" persona is popular today. But it has to be authentic.

5. "Thousands put their faith and confidence in him, and he has let them down." The Bible says, "Put not your trust in princes" (Psalm 146:3). No spokesman will ever have to reveal disappointing news about the Lord of glory.

6. "Mistake" is today's euphemism for sin. Sin is harder to confess, because it is so humiliating. But only sin, confessed as sin, opens the door to redemption.

7. "I believed I was special." Let's all enjoy being ordinary, which is what we are. And let's glory in the only Special One who ever set foot on this planet.

Maybe the best thing to do now, rather than stare and linger and pry, is quietly to pray for this man and his family, and for us all that God will save us from sin and keep us happy in Him, and get back to serving Him in constructive ways.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Everyone coming into our churches needs Jesus. Let's offer him clearly, sincerely.