Monday, September 22, 2008

Every sin mimics God

"All those who wander far away and set themselves up against you are imitating you, but in a perverse way; yet by this very mimicry they proclaim that you are the Creator of the whole of nature and that in consequence there is no place whatever where we can hide from your presence."

Augustine, Confessions, Book 2, Section 14.

Every sin is not an original composition but a fake, an imitation of something real and wonderful. It is the photographic negative of beauty found in God alone. There is no way to escape God. His truth lurks even in our sins. No one, including the most extreme sinner, will ever be able to say, "God, you were completely beyond my range of awareness and experience." Our sins only testify to him.

Why not go directly to God, where we'll actually be happy?