Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mark Driscoll on Nightline

Last night Mark Driscoll was featured on ABC's Nightline. You can watch it here.

Thoughts. One, I praise God for setting this man apart to the gospel. Two, I love his unflinching courage in tackling head-on the hard and even embarrassing questions people are really struggling with. If they don't get answers from the Bible, they're going to get answers from other sources. Three, "a neighborhood church near you." Bring it on. Four, "a colorful bunch." What were they expecting? Jesus doesn't use a cookie cutter when he makes his people. There is no more fascinating, surprising, varied and opinionated group of people than born again Christians! Five, "If you don't have a critic, . . . ." Maybe a big step forward in our sanctification would be to fear criticism less. Six, "a new breed of believers." Not new, really. Same hang-ups as always. And yet, new, as all God's people are new, in the most wonderful way.

May Jesus Christ always be praised in us all.