Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Praying in Jesus' name

Pray in public in Jesus' name?

Well, why not? What would prayer be, if Jesus were excluded? Would you, could you, be happy? Would you, could you, be confident that you were really connecting with God? Would you, could you, think that you had anything worth saying to those around?

If you pray in Jesus' name and, for that reason, some people don't like you, they didn't like you before. But now you know. And there is no way they will ever like you unless you deny Jesus in every way. Their problem is not you. They don't like Jesus.

If you are criticized for praying in Jesus' name, could you find a happier occasion for being criticized? This criticism, for once, isn't about you at all. You can blow it off. Even more, you can be amazed at God's kindness, that he would set before you so easy a path to the privilege of persecution. And more than ever, you can love your enemies the way Jesus does.