Wednesday, January 7, 2009


"If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself." 2 Timothy 2:13

If you are in Christ, the deepest reality in your life is not your sins against Christ but his faithfulness toward you. Sometimes you trust him magnificently, and those are the moments of your life you love. Other times you barely trust him, maybe not at all, you freak out, you despair, you obsess on yourself and your inadequacy and guilt, and those are the miserable moments of life. But in all our erratic faith, he remains faithful. Our ever-changing states of mind are wonderfully irrelevant to his steadiness of love.

"As Matthew sat at the receipt of custom, waiting for the people to pay their dues, so does Christ sit at the receipt of sinners, waiting for them to mention their wants. He is watching for you. I tell you again that he cannot reject you. That would be to alter his whole character and un-Christ himself. To spurn a coming sinner would un-Jesus him and make him to be somebody else and not himself any longer. 'He cannot deny himself.' Go and try him; go and try him."

C. H. Spurgeon, Treasury of the New Testament, III:862.