Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Department of Injustice?

"In contemporary America, pornography is both a public reality and big business. Ambient pornography -- sexually explicit advertising, entertainment, and merchandising -- is all around us. But pornography is also big business, producing sexually explicit materials in printed, video, and digital formats and making billions of dollars in the process.

The pornography industry has a big stake in defending itself against legal challenges and restrictive laws, and it has been stunningly successful in doing so. One of the leading legal defenders of pornography has been David Ogden, a lawyer who can only be described as a First Amendment extremist, who has even argued against laws against child pornography.

President Barack Obama has nominated David Ogden as Deputy Attorney General of the United States. This nomination is both ominous and dangerous. Given David Ogden's high visibility in defense of pornography, this nomination sends a clear and unmistakable message. The pornography business will have a friend in high office in the Department of Justice."

Dr. Al Mohler, "Pornography, Public Culture, and the New Administration," 13 February 2009

Someday our President will stand before the King of kings and give an account, in detail, day by day, of his use of the office of President of the United States. Given the unmistakable links between pornography and the abuse of women going on in the world right now, if our President fails in their legal protection, the judgment handed down on that Day will be hard for him to bear.

If our own opposition to this vile thing, pornography, is not yet intense, I suggest reading the last two chapters of Mark Driscoll's Porn-Again Christian. They are disturbing.

May the Savior of the world visit our generation with massive cleansing power.