Tuesday, March 3, 2009


"Gilbert Tennent was an example of great fortitude and unshaken resolution. Whatever appeared to him subservient to the advancement of the Redeemer's kingdom, the salvation of souls, or the common good of mankind, he pursued with spirit; and what he did he did with his might. If the end seemed to be attainable, great obstructions and difficulties in the way were so far from dispiriting that they animated him in his efforts; nor would he give up the point while one glimpse of hope remained. Hence, he accomplished many important matters which one less determined and enterprising would presently have relinquished as desperate. He would go through honor and dishonor, through 'evil report and good report'; and though he had sensibility with respect to his character as well as other men, yet, if preserving it seemed at any time to require the omission of duty or sinful compliances, he readily determined to expose himself to all risks; and if adhering to the will of God should be accounted 'vile,' he resolved that he would be 'yet more vile.'"

From the sermon at the funeral of Gilbert Tennent, quoted in Archibald Alexander, The Log College, page 26.