Friday, November 13, 2009

Louisville Boot Camp

The Acts 29 Boot Camp in Louisville left me with these thoughts:

1. God continues to stir up a new generation of gospel men. It is so wonderful to watch this, I almost don't want to breathe lest I disturb it. For one who has seen long seasons of unstirred and confused men, the present work of God is unspeakably precious. May it intensify more and more.

2. Acts 29 is maturing and winning broader favor. I see no ego-games going on. I see gifted men submitting to Christ and honoring one another. May we stay there, low before the Lord, where we could perhaps be entrusted with an ever-increasing stewardship of blessing.

3. My hope for Nashville in particular is that, over the next ten years, we will plant so many Acts 29 churches that we reach a threshold where our whole city senses that something has changed, that the gospel has come to town with newness of life.

For this, I give myself in prayer and effort. And I welcome more co-laborers.